Child Custody Attorney Wilsonville

Child Custody Attorney

Child Custody Attorney Wilsonville

Child custody cases can be complex. Legal assistance from an experienced child custody attorney in Wilsonville can help you achieve a ruling that is beneficial to both you and the child. Doris Winegar Attorney has successfully represented clients throughout Wilsonville. Contact Ms. Winegar to discuss your legal options.

Your Child Custody Lawyer in Wilsonville

There are two primary aspects of custody Oregon focuses on: physical and legal. Legal custody covers many primary decision-making areas that include education, health, and religion. Parents who legally share joint custody make decisions regarding these areas together. In the event that an agreement cannot be reached for joint legal custody, the Court is obligated to award sole legal custody to a single party.

Parenting time and physical custody determine how much time a child will spend living with each parent. These can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, and are based on the best interests of the child.

Children benefit when parents can agree on custody and parenting issues before entering a lengthy legal battle. Prolonged parental conflicts can be a source of suffering, and it is always better for the child if parents can determine a parenting and custody plan together. If an agreement cannot be reached, parenting time and custody allotments will be determined by a judge at his or her sole discretion. This is not always convenient or beneficial for both parties, and is based on what the judge determines is best for the children.

Skilled Child Custody Attorney in Wilsonville

For an experienced child custody attorney in Wilsonvile, call (503) 635-9393 or contact Doris Winegar today. With years of experience negotiating parental settlements and custody arraignments, as your child custody attorney she can litigate on your behalf when necessary.