Child Support Attorney Lake Oswego

Child Support Attorney Lake Oswego

Child Support Attorney

If you’re looking for a Child Support Attorney there are a lot of thing to consider. When it comes to child support, the Oregon Department of Justice has developed a formula to determine a presumptive level of support. There is an online tool available that can help you with this formula. The calculator can be found here: Child Support Calculator. Call Doris Winegar Attorney at (503) 635-9393 for legal assistance in Lake Oswego.

Child Support Attorney Lake Oswego Oregon

Qualified Child Support Lawyer

There are frequent questions, however, about the information that needs to be entered into the calculator. The income question for the self-employed is particularly tricky. There are times when the presumed level of child support is inequitable and should be rebutted. Child Support can be modified in the future. As an experienced divorce attorney, Doris Winegar can help you navigate the child support guidelines and help you determine the correct level of child support required for your case.

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