Child Support Attorney Wilsonville

Child Support Attorney

Child Support Attorney Wilsonville

Child support can be confusing. The Oregon Department of Justice has a specific formula that they use to determine support levels, but there may be rebuttal factors to consider as well. Without a child support attorney in Wilsonville it can be easy to misinterpret questions, incorrectly state factors, and receive a non-beneficial child support determination. With Doris Winegar Attorney on your side, you can get an accurate and fair child support ruling.

Your Qualified Child Support Lawyer in Wilsonville

Doris Winegar is your experienced child support attorney in Wilsonville. She’ll work with you in order to identify every detail and factor needed to correctly determine how much child support you should be expected to pay. Form factors include gross income, spousal support, healthcare costs, number of children, cost of daycare, parenting time, mandatory union dues, and others.

With the counsel of a child support attorney in Wilsonville you can be sure that all of your considerations are covered. You shouldn’t have to pay more than you can afford, but if you try to determine child support costs on your own, that may be what you end up paying.

Don’t navigate child support determinations alone, call (503) 635-9393 or contact Doris Winegar for a child support attorney in Wilsonville today.

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Child Support Attorney Wilsonville OR
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