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Collaborative law is a relatively new way to handle family law disputes. Each party must obtain the services of an attorney who is trained in the collaborative law process. Your collaborative law attorney will help you settle the case while advising you regarding the law. The primary goal is to work toward an amicable settlement, treat each other with respect, and minimize the adversarial nature of the process. This is less damaging to the participants and their children. Call Doris Winegar Attorney at (503) 635-9393 for collaborative law assistance

It is very important that each party agrees to honestly and openly discuss all assets, debts, and other information that may be valuable to the case. Each party and collaborative lawyer signs a participation agreement, which states that they have decided to settle the case. The agreement also states that if one or both parties elect to abandon the process, both collaborative attorneys are disqualified from representing them in the ensuing litigation.

For the collaborative process, the parties and their attorneys meet in four-way meetings to discuss and solve the differences in all aspects of the case. Depending on the case, the number of meetings can vary, but cases are typically resolved much faster using the collaborative law method than in the traditional litigation method. Doris Winegar is an experienced collaborative attorney in the West Linn, Wilsonville, and Tualatin areas, and can discuss this option with you personally if you would like to set up an appointment.

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While collaborative law is not always the best option for people involved in a divorce, custody, or modification, it can be a great process for settling quicker. The collaborative process can also be much less expensive and parties involved will suffer less emotional damage. If you are interested in exploring collaborative law as a process for your family law case, contact Doris Winegar and discuss with her how collaborative law could be a benefit for you.

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