Divorce Attorney West Linn

Divorce Attorney West Linn

Divorce Attorney

Divorce can look like many different things to different couples. Whether the process is smooth and uncontested or contentious, it is advantageous to have an experienced divorce attorney walking you through the process, explaining your rights and ensuring the documents and details are filled out and filed correctly, and on time. Doris Winegar, Attorney has honed her expertise as a divorce attorney in West Linn for more than 20 years. She has earned her reputation for quality client care and the protection of her clients’ rights.

You may be unsure which type of divorce best suits your situation. Ms. Winegar actively listens to her clients, explaining the options and helping individuals and couples decide on the best course of action, according to their situation. She has training and experience in collaborative divorce and mediated divorce. She is also a skilled litigator. This versatility makes Ms. Winegar stand out as a desirable divorce attorney in West Linn and the surrounding cities.

Compassionately describing the process and working to mitigate the intensity of emotions, she can work with both parties for a smooth process. Skillfully working out each detail, Ms. Winegar has a process that does not leave out any details, yet gets to each one in an order that has proven to result in the most successful outcome. She helps build trust in the process, so each individual feels heard and is more able to compromise for a cooperative result.

When a collaborative divorce is simply not possible or desired, Ms. Winegar and her team work diligently to uncover supporting facts to protect her clients’ rights and those of their children. She presents a strong case in divorce court to better the chances of a favorable outcome.

In either a contested or uncontested divorce, she keeps the client informed and at the center of all decisions. While Ms. Winegar has facilitated hundreds of divorces, she never loses sight of how difficult the impact can be for the individual going through it.

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Ms. Winegar will assist you in dealing with all aspects relating to your divorce. This includes things like:

Having years of dedicated commitment to the local community, Ms. Winegar has sat on various boards, and is currently working as pro tem small claims court judge while also representing children in custody and parenting cases. Throughout, she has continued her practice as a divorce lawyer, devoted to protecting the rights of her clients.

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