Family Law Attorney Wilsonville

Family Law Attorney

Family Law Attorney Wilsonville

An experienced family law attorney in Wilsonville can help you successfully navigate the many areas of family law. Doris Winegar Attorney provides comprehensive services that encompass the entirety of family law. Whether you are determining issues that affect your children, spouse, or yourself, you won’t find a more dedicated, experienced, and understanding family law attorney.

Your Family Law Lawyer

No matter what circumstances surround your divorce, it is never easy on either party. Without competent representation, people may make decisions that last a lifetime based on emotions they are feeling at the time. Divorce proceedings are temporary. As your family law attorney in Wilsonville, Doris Winegar will help you to view the situation objectively, and plan for a successful future. With an experienced family law attorney you can successfully navigate parenting plans and custody, distribution of debt and property, child support, and spousal support.

Wilsonville’s Experience Family Law Attorney

With years of experience as a family law attorney in Wilsonville, Doris Winegar can work in any capacity necessary. Mediation services are provided for parties who are ready to negotiate any issues. She can also represent individuals through traditional litigation or the collaborative method. Before you attempt to navigate divorce proceedings alone, call (503) 635-9393 or contact Doris Winegar for a family law attorney in Wilsonville. She can discuss representation with a single party, or meet with both parties to discuss mediation.


Family Law Attorney Wilsonville OR
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