Family Law Mediation Lake Oswego

Family Law Mediation Lake Oswego

Family Law Mediation

Family law mediation is a process whereby two parties negotiating their case with the help of a neutral third party, or mediator. The mediator does not have any decision making authority and does not serve as a representative of either party. The mediator simply aids the two parties in reaching an agreement. All mediation participants are encouraged to consult with outside attorneys to advise them and review any agreements.Call Doris Winegar Attorney at (503) 635-9393 for assistance with Family Law Mediation in Lake Oswego

The two parties generally meet in two hour sessions to discuss and decide the various issues involved in a divorce case. Eventually they will come to a mediated agreement. The number of sessions and their length will vary depending on the case and participants.

Once a divorce is ready to be finalized, documentation must be prepared to be filed with the Court. If you need assistance in preparing these documents, Doris Winegar, an experienced divorce attorney, can help. Although it is possible for non-lawyers to mediate, a knowledgeable family law attorney can draft the pleadings as well as conduct family law mediation.

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Experienced Family Law Mediation Attorney

If you and your partner are interested in using mediation as a process for your divorce, contact Doris Winegar today and set an appointment. Both of you together will be able to speak with Ms. Winegar and determine if the process will be best for you.

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