Traditional Litigation Attorney Lake Oswego

Traditional Litigation Attorney Lake Oswego

Traditional Litigation

Traditional litigation is the process most people think about when it comes to divorce or any other type of family law. In this system, one party hires an attorney who drafts the petition, summons, and other opening documents. The paperwork is then filed and the other party is served. The other party typically hires another attorney as well to represent his or her interests. Call Doris Winegar Attorney at (503) 635-9393 for traditional litigation attorney legal assistance

The two parties will exchange documents through their attorneys in an effort to obtain all information regarding assets, liabilities, and income. In addition, depositions and other methods may be used to gather information and prepare the case for trial. Most case are settled before trial. However, if the trial is necessary, the case is presented before a judge, who decides the ultimate outcome.

Traditional Litigation Attorney Lake Oswego OR

Experienced Litigation Attorney

For many cases, traditional litigation is the best way to proceed, and Doris Winegar has years of experience in handling traditional litigation cases. Contact her today to schedule a meeting to determine if this is the best process for you. Doris Winegar will work hard to represent your interests before a court.

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